FAUBOURG TREME is the riveting story of one community's epic struggle for racial equality - from slave revolts and underground free black antebellum resistance, through the challenges of post-Katrina rebuilding today - all set to a fabulous soundtrack of New Orleans music through the ages. This award-winning film gives the depth of history to current racial strife and challenges viewers to think historically and critically about the links between race, class, conflict, and cultural expression in our modern communities.

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I lived in New Orleans for 10 yrs from 1970-1980 & still have a deep love & soul connection with the city, having lived in the Garden District & Fat City, working with Black children & families in a social work program. Later, living in Mt. Shasta, CA in 2005 at the time of ...Read more

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Infuriating that Glen Andrews was arrested for playing music! And how painful to relive the Katrina disaster, & the way Louisiana was abandoned, especially the poor, black areas. Mind-boggling that we haven't already had some kind of revolution. I really want to see my region be at peace ...Read more

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This was excellent. A truly moving, considerate, powerful work of personal - community and national history. I'll be visiting Treme, and New Orleans, for the first time this upcoming month. It will be great to see these streets, to dance with these folks, to feel the rhythm of centuries and ...Read more

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What an excellent portrait of Treme and a fabulous lesson in American history that we didn't get in school. You have to come to New Orleans to truly experience the close-knit community and culture. Unfortunately, investors have bought up most of the properties in Treme since Katrina and ...Read more

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Michael J

Thank you.

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Thank you for documenting this untold story and for making it accessible to anyone who is seeking truth.

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Political Revolution! So many students are excited about that call in this year’s Presidential election cycle. We’re thrilled to see a new generation of young activists fighting for racial and economic justice. Our film is about an equally radical revolution that was born in America’s oldest ...Read more

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An important history, well told.

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Lolis Eric

One of the great lessons we learned while making Treme is that history is repeating itself. Questions of who will be allowed to vote, who will be educated, who will be allowed to own land, who will have access to equal justice – these same questions raised during Reconstruction and earlier ...Read more

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Stumbled upon this On a Sunday afternoon...Great heritage piece! Just luv N'Orleans.
I haven't visited since the '90's.
Thanks for mentioning that you were part of the Treme writing crew--definitely deserves a 2nd & 3rd look
BWell | BLove | BHappy

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This film inspired me to visit New Orleans. Rich with history and energy, I spent a lot of time in the Faubourg Treme district - so refreshing to get off the tourist strips. Although heavy with tragedies over time, I couldn't help feel the sense of hope and resilience that the film portrayed. ...Read more

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Wonderful sense of past history and present realities!